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Case Study: Swift Landing

Even at night, if you look up at the Rockies from just outside the town of Breckenridge, you can see where the many ski slopes cut through the forest and down the mountain. Looking at the city, you’d see most of the lights clustered there at the base of the range.

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The Critical Intersection

You walk into a new hair salon and ask them why you should get a haircut there instead of down the street. They say “we deliver the best haircuts, we have the best hair stylists, and they’re trained to do a great job in thirty minutes or less.”

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Investing in your brand purpose

Early this year, Clif Bar took out a one-page ad in the New York Times and did no advertising. Instead they wrote an open letter to Kind Snacks, imploring them to go organic and even offering to help them in the initiative. Kind Snacks rejected the offer (presumably kindly).

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Why is branding so hard?

Branding is hard. Trying to see outside of your organization enough to create something radically different that will draw people in and create loyalty is just not simple. I think it’s because branding is the water we swim in. We are so immersed in it, we don’t even…

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“If they only knew.”

When I hear this phrase, I know it’s going to be a great branding project. When I’m talking to a client about prospective customers, at some point I’ll hear something like “if they just knew how much we cared, they’d sign up for our services,” or “if they just knew the true value…

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