My team is
your team

As a creative collaborator, I prefer to work as a partner, rather than director, with talented creatives who are exceptional in their own right. When a great brand strategy leads the way, I believe a team approach works wonders.

These are some of my favorite people to work with as a team. And once we’ve collaborated on a project for you, I’m convinced you’ll feel the same way.

Tanya Deselm
Art Direction

A multidisciplinary art director, designer, and illustrator based in NYC, Tanya lives and works for balance (yes, even in the city that never sleeps). With a mind for the conceptual and eye for detail, Tanya’s heart is for capturing a brand’s ethos then creating a visual embodiment of what she’s found. And when it all comes together, the results are simply stunning.

BX Films

BX creates awe-inspiring films that tell pioneering stories – whether that’s emerging tech or the outdoors. A concept-to-consumer video agency in the Bay Area, they’re telling the stories of people and brands moving the world forward.

Ashley Swanson
Design + Web

A one-man wrecking crew in design and web development, Ashley crafts websites that lets him combine a love for creativity and passion for functionality together. His specialty is in responsive websites that look great, work on any device, and don’t cost a fortune.

Maust Creative

Storyteller first, filmmaker second, Dustin Maust weaves together image, sound, and narrative in service of a great story. A multi-talented creative, Dustin brings a wealth of professional experience in photography, music, design, and more to any project. When not filming, he serves as creative director for a non-profit organization

Curt Miller
Web Development

An accomplished musician (a doctorate and international performances are on his resume) and sound artist with special expertise in computer music and software development, Curt brings a rich, unique background to the world of web development. Fusing technical prowess and finely-tuned artistic sensibilities, he crafts websites not just with code, but musicality.

"Working with Jeremy on a project is gratifying on multiple levels. Not only can he craft a script with just the right voice and tone, but he is great to work with on a conceptual level. Concepts for video always come first, and he’s right there with me, helping determine the right direction to move in, before ever writing a word."

— Dustin Maust, Maust Creative