More ways to work together

Branding leads the way of course. And once we’ve determined who you are and why you exist, we’ll flesh out the rest.


I love to take an existing brand and produce thoughtful writing that is as elegant as it is strategic.

Product Positioning

If you’re gearing up for a product launch, make sure marketing gets in the mix sooner than later. I help organizations craft product messaging that connects with the buying motivation of the people you’re targeting.

Product Roadmaps

Who or what drives your product development? If the answer is only engineers, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to let your customers and your brand drive product innovation. I’ve worked with large organizations to change the trajectory of entire product lines, and I can do the same for yours.


While naming is an art, it’s more science than you might expect. Dozens of naming projects for international and local organizations alike have taught me how to develop creative names with a process everyone can get behind.


“Jeremy always goes deeper — diving into client research, concepts, and ideation to come up with killer direction and writing. With me, he’s always super involved in the process, working as a true partner, not just a creative for hire.”

— Ashley Swanson, Web and Graphic Designer