A little about me


In life and work, I’m a believer in convergence.

Convergence is when seemingly disparate things come together — at times in unexpected ways — to make something new.

I grew up under a talented marketer, of sorts. Speaker, creative director, organizational strategist, musician to call my father simply a preacher misses the broad skill set he had. In a way, I inherited those gifts over the years, whether it was listening to him read stories, hearing him work through an idea, or sitting in pews each week.

Then, a philosophy degree, four years in financial planning, a stint at a top law school, and a full-time role launching a new financial software solution at a tech firm. I had found myself with a broad knowledge base and the critical thinking skills that would lead into a successful creative career.

I’ve brought all that and more to my time at a full-service marketing agency, working on brand strategy and leading a team of writers, to deliver the finely-crafted stories in all mediums that give life to the brands we work with.

Now, I’m offering to bring it all together — in a word, convergence — for the clients I work with.

Through a diverse background, I’m able to bring together diverse people, divisions, and expressions of an organization to form a single, powerful brand.

And I’d love to do that for you.

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