Case Study: Swift Landing

Even at night, if you look up at the Rockies from just outside the town of Breckenridge, you can see where the many ski slopes cut through the forest and down the mountain. Looking at the city, you’d see most of the lights clustered there at the base of the range. But then, if you lifted your eyes back up the mountain, you’d see some of the lights start to climb it, and even touch the slopes. The highest light you’d see? Swift’s Landing, a mini-resort that is a true ski-in, ski-out home, located further up the main run than any other house.

Our client, the owner of the home, came to us before it was even built. Because of its unique location, extraordinary luxury, and stunning design, he didn’t want to just slap pics and stats onto a rental site. He wanted a branded experience that lived up to the house’s own standards. Our job was to name it, create a story around it, then build a website to tell that story.

During the naming process, our research turned up a phenomenon in nature that seemed the perfect metaphor for the resort – the swift. An alpine bird, it has the unusual distinction of being one of the few birds that will stay in the air for literal days at a time, only coming down for an occasional rest (even though it can sleep during flight), and to take care of its family. For a true ski-in ski-out home, where the purpose is to spend as much time on the slopes as possible before coming back to rest and spend time with family or friends, it was perfect.

Once we had decided on the name and crafted a story around it, we were able to start the design process. We crafted a logo and image around the silhouetted swift and developed the colors, typography, and design elements that would feel right at home with the high-end modern house as well as rustic surroundings.

Copy for the website focused on being clean and modern as well, while still being warm and inviting. There was a lot to communicate about the home – not just its story, but the many features that make it so special. But we didn’t want it to feel like a chore to research. This led to prioritizing our distinct message, then creating intentional spaces throughout the site for those to live. The result is a site that gives potential renters all the info they need, while giving plenty of breathing room and the chance to really showcase stunning images of the resort.