I bring brands to life

Hi, I’m Jeremy,
Brand Strategist, Creative Collaborator

I’ve met a lot of great companies. And their brand — call it their story, their “why,” their message — often needs some love. But the bones are there. I help organizations unearth them, then bring them to life.

What does a great brand help you do? Three things:


Connect meaningfully with your customers.

A good brand sells product. But products can be copied. Great brands give people a deeper reason to engage. That creates real loyalty no one can steal.


Help your culture flourish.

People rally around a good story that shows them how they belong. What story are you telling your employees?


Make better, more strategic business decisions.

A great brand helps you make confident, more focused decisions on everything from product roadmaps to investment decisions and everything in between.

How do we bring your brand to life? Together.

Branding isn’t something that happens to you by a marketing expert. It’s something you create — not out of thin air — but out of who you and your customers are. I’m there as a catalyst, a guide, to draw out your best story and then craft an identity out of it.

And, with intelligent, proven tools for the journey.

This isn’t just pencil and paper. Over years of doing branding initiatives for regional and national organizations, I’ve acquired the processes and tools that will help us develop your brand and then grow it year after year.


“Branding can feel like chaos, because at times, it IS chaos. Jeremy brings order to it all, creating meaning for your brand and customers. On video work, he goes well beyond scripts, delivering high-level vision and practical steps to create value for our clients. I can’t stress this enough: partnering with Jeremy creates incalculable ROI that’s more than worth the money spent.”

— BEN, Executive Producer, BX Films

Putting meat
on the bones

Branding leads the way of course. And once we’ve determined who you are and why you exist, we’ll flesh out the rest.

Visual Identity

Our physical experiences of a brand are equally as important as what we read on their website or hear from their sales team. Which means Just as critical as the brand strategy, is a visual identity that expresses who you are through art and design. I partner with designers, artists, and more to create a visual language that compels.


More than SEO, I believe the best websites deliver experiences that catch your audience’s’ attention and doesn’t let them go, immersing them in a story they can feel a part of. I work with designers and developers to help you put your best digital foot forward.


We might be living in another golden age of film and video, but many organizations are still wondering how to take part in this powerful storytelling medium. From concept to scriptwriting, and working with trusted video producers, I can help you make videos you and your customers will drool over.

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